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Picture time!

November 5th, 2006 (10:34 pm)

current mood: mellow
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So I took Evan in today to get professional photos done. He was soo darn cute! The photographer fell in love with all of his pictures. They really were VERY adorable. In fact, she liked Evan's photos so much she asked for my permission to use 2 of them. She wants one of the photos for the studio and one for the sample greeting cards so people can see what they can choose from. The studio is in Grande Prairie.

You know when you walk into a photo store and see all the pictures displayed of photo shots they have done previous. And you remember seeing those cute babies in the photos and thinking, well how cute they are. My little Evan is going to be one of those cute baby pictures that people admire. I'm soo proud of my little boy.

It was soo hard to choose what photos to get prints of. They were all so darn cute. In the end I chose like 6 different shots. Which I think was about 1/2 of what she actually shot of Evan. Cost me almost $200 for the photos and I had to pay for them right than and there. Thank god for credit. But now I sooo have to pay that back as soon as I deposit Trevors cheque.

Oh speaking on Trevor, I finally told him that I am going for full custody and to expect the summons in the mail or whatever. He wasn't so impressed at first but after a couple days he called me back and told me that he was okay with it as long as I was still willing to allow him to see Evan.
Of course I am, given certain things and that there comes a point that he actually wants that. I would never knowingly or purposely take him away from Evan or take the chance of Evan knowing his biological father away from him unless for good reason.

Anyway, so yeah. That's what's going on there. Just waiting to hear from my lawyer now to see when the court date is for or what next step is needed (if any).

Oh and I started working last week. I don't particularly like the job (it's IGA), but for now I guess it will do. Of course if I don't end up getting let go because of the time off I will need/have needed.
So you all know I've been sick for like 2 months (well those that don't, do now), anyway, I went to the hospital on Friday cuz I felt SOOO shitty, and got taken off work for 3 days. So I called my boss and told him and he didn't sound too pleased. And I have to tell him that I can only work during the day on Thursday, possibly Friday (if I can get Evan into daycare that day), and can't work Saturday. This is all because my mom is heading down to Alberta Beach to my grandma's to get the house winterized and stuff. And well I could say I could work Saturday, but roads have been SOO shitty here lately I don't want to take the chance of my mom rushing home cuz she's gotta watch Evan so I can work and something maybe happen to her and my aunt or something.

And I also need like a week off at Christmas cuz we are leaving town and spending it with my dad's whole side of the family, since it's the first christmas since my oma died. I NEED to be there for that. Not only for my Opa, but also for me because I don't think I've really dealt with it properly. I still haven't really cried over it properly. I mean I cried when I was pregnant and she first died, but I truely haven't let it out since that day to properly get over it.

So yeah, all in all, I hope I still have a job there, but I guess only time will tell....

But I'm tired now and am going to crash for the night (funny how bedtime gets earlier and earlier LOL), so to all... Sweet Dreams and goodnight.

And late but better than never, this is the costume Evan had for his first Halloween.

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Screaming baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 27th, 2006 (04:00 am)

current mood: exhausted

It is 4:00 in the morning and my kid has been up every hour since 1am. This is driving me nuts!!!! I just want to sleep but every time I fall asleep my kid starts screaming! I don't know what to do.

I checked his temperature and it's 37.9 degrees C, which is a little high but not worrysome. And I gave him tylenol at 1am when his temperature was 37.8 but it doesn't seem to have done anything.

He was fine today. What the hell????

I am SOOOO tired and my ear is actually throbbing right now. I just want to sleep longer than 1 hour before my kid wakes up sceaming about god knows what! Now is that too much to ask for?? I don't think so....

Now he is drinking his bottle finally. Maybe now he'll finally go to sleep longer than an hour. I should maybe try and get some sleep now. Cuz knowing my luck, he'll wake up again at 5am!

***I only wish he was doing what the picture showed***

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October 7th, 2006 (02:53 am)

current mood: drunk

haha... Dude was a dud! That jason guy I'm talking about. But met another cute one tonight and his name is phillip. He's only 23 though but he's single. Frigging cute though. Wow. There are some hot guys! Sucks that you gotta meet them all at the bar.. And apparently they all work crazy ass hours! Phillip dude wants me to come out tomorrow night to see him cuz APPARENTLY he's going to be at the bar and wants to talk to me more. Damn ex was hanging around him cuz it was his ride home so I could like seriously hit on him or anything cuz that is just weird. Anyway apparently Joy says we'll go out tomorrow and if we have to, we will get Taylor to watch the babe.

Anyway I'm drunk and yeah.

My eyes hurt. I really should have my glasses on but I don't. And I got a nasty whicked cough. Damn thing. I hate this sickness that is going around. I had it and it left and now I think it might be back.

I'm waiting for Kubee to come back online. He said he's be back in 5. So yeah I'm waiting that long than I'm having a smoke and going to bed if he doesn't show damnit. And apparently my cousin Lyndee isn't online cuz she's not messaging me. Damn what is with people putting themselves online when they aint. Damn! ANyway I'm gonna end it here so yah. Chaio! Da photo says it all! I wanna do that!

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I think I met someone...

September 30th, 2006 (10:25 am)

So last night we (Joy, Kandi, Richard and I) went out again. Kandi and Richard when home early and Joy and I hit the bar.
At the bar I seen this guy and he reminded me of someone I use to know, anyway it was bugging me so much I got up and asked him who he was. Turns out he isn't who I thought he was (which was good), but his name is Jason.
We got talking for a bit and I went back to sit with Joy. Not long after Jason came to sit with us. We all got talking, Joy too thought he was a nice guy. He does seem like a nice guy, and it really doesn't bother him that I am a single parent.

So after the bar, Jason and I went out to one of the lakes and sat and talked. He's got a big family! And he wants kids, and has a nice smile and is a good kisser.
He told me he wanted to see me alot. And he wants to take me on a date tonight. Wants to take me for dinner and a movie. I think that would be nice... but I really gotta think about it, because there are no movie theatres in town here... The closest is Whitecourt.

Well that's about all I gotta say...
that and... My kid is flipping sleeping. I don't know what time he went to bed at but damn... it's 10:40 and it's still asleep. - No he isn't dead... I checked.

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(no subject)

September 11th, 2006 (12:25 am)

current mood: sleepy

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Recent photos of my monkey!

September 10th, 2006 (01:05 am)

current mood: tired

And these are from when I was in Lethbridge:

And now for sleep....

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(no subject)

September 7th, 2006 (09:55 am)

current mood: tired

So Evan is now in Daycare. He seems to really be enjoying himself there. The girls at the daycare just love him to pieces! I gather he doesn't really cry at all when he's there... And I suspect he ain't really naping either. When he comes home from daycare, he goes right down for a nap. And I have to wake him up to feed him dinner. He's soo cranky when I wake him up. But he seems to be sleeping better through the night being at daycare. I like that. He's also being introduced to solids at daycare. Feeding him dinner last night was a pain cuz he really didn't want the baby food.

So the plan for today, to have a nice relaxing bath (first one in months), clean my room, clean the kitchen, do homework/make sure I'm still in the program.

Going to talk to Joy tonight after she's off work to see if she's interested in going for dinner tomorrow night. There's an all you can eat shrimp (well prawns really) night at Suzy Q's. If she's interested, I'm going to talk to Taylor about babysitting Evan for me.

Mom has gone to Alberta Beach for the night with my aunt. They are going down to visit my grandma.

...Well Kandi is coming over this afternoon for a visit since Richard is at work, so I guess I should get going and have that bath before she gets here.

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vacation update - late

August 20th, 2006 (09:06 am)

current mood: hungry

Okay so I never updated after getting back from vacation... Well I ended up in the hospital... Evan was so dehydrated (due to an incorrect diagnosis and wrong medication given as a result) that he wouldn't take a bottle at all. He had pneumonia, and has Asthma and Eczema. Got 2 more weeks of the puffer than he's off for 2 to see how he does and from there we'll see if he needs the asthma puffer more or not. So my vacation began with 3 days in the hospital.
I went to lethbridge, stayed there for about 2 weeks. Than on the way home I went to Drumheller. That was fun. Stopped in Edmonton to see Amanda quickly, than to Barrhead for the night to see my opa. After than I went to Bear Lake to visit with a bunch of family that came up from washington and bc. Was lots of fun.

Evan is REALLY growing. He almost crawls normal now. Gets up on his hands and knees and rocks. He can crawl backwards though... has been able to for quite some time. Oh there he goes... LOL

So I'm looking for work... and I got an interview with Alstar on Wednesday... I hope all goes well because I really wanna go back to work now... I'm soo tired of being home all the time and never being able to really do anything or meet anyone.

Anyway, that's about it for now... Oh other than the fact that my child keeps stuffing soothers right into his mouth so I had to order something from the states... I hope it works... otherwise Evan is permanently off the soother!

So yeah... that's all for now...

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Going on vacation... / Thank goodness for Family!

July 16th, 2006 (10:33 pm)

current mood: exhausted

So tomorrow I start my vacation, for about 2 or 3 weeks. I'm heading to Lethbridge for a couple weeks to visit with my aunts and my cousin and her son and my uncle and his wife.
I'm not heading all the way down to Lethbridge tomorrow though. Everyone is worried.
It's funny. Once you have a kid, it seems everyone is worried about you making it. It's like they think you've forgotten how to drive. LOL Oh well.
I'm stopping in Barrhead for a night. And than I'll be driving the rest of the trip to Lethbridge (4 hrs from Barrhead), so I'll be there for mid to late afternoon.
I am so looking forward to it, dispite my child being is a grouchy mood.

Ahh on that...
It turns out Evan has an allergy. To what? Well it's either the creamed part of creamed corn or it is sour cream. I'm not sure which because I fed him the both in the same day. It honestly didn't cross my mind that creamed corn was different than corn... and he can handle corn fine.
My poor baby is covered in rash...

And yes, the teething is still going on. It is getting tiresome...

I have spend the last 2 days helping my mom clean her new motorhome for thier vacation and that has been SOOO exhausting. Ahh well. It needed done and mom couldn't do it all herself.

So anyway, that has been my life recently. Thank goodness for my grandmother. She has been taking Evan for me at night when I've been REALLY tired. And I've been REALLY tired lately.

And apparently my mother will be taking Evan tomorrow night in Barrhead so that I have plenty of rest for driving the remainer of the trip myself...

Thank goodness for family!

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Had the strangest dream last night...

July 16th, 2006 (04:35 pm)

current mood: amused

I dreamt that I took off with a man in a mercedes. And every time I tried to leave to get in his car, someone would lecture me because no one had seen or met him.
And at one point Owen (my 6 yr old cousin) came and told me he was leaving without me. But in actuality, he was just getting out of his mercedes to come get me when I came out of the house.

Thinking about it, this man kinda looked like my uncle bob's son Robbie.

Anyways yeah, I kept trying to take off with a man in a mercedes. It was a strange but in a way, refreshing dream...

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